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  Welcome to a new way to water!



AccuRain is an economical and water-efficient irrigation solution for the homeowner.  Whether a do-it-yourself ( DIY) irrigation project or installed by a landscape or irrigation contractor, AccuRain provides unmatched flexibility, performance, and cost savings compared to traditional automatic lawn sprinklers or drip irrigation systems.


Each AccuRain Watering Head is a "Super" sprinkler, doing the work of many sprinklers or emitters. One head can water 15 different zones of almost any size or shape, each with their own unique watering requirements. With a few button pushes, you just point the stream of water where you want it; tell AccuRain how much and how often and it does the rest. Changing the system is as easy as pushing a button.

The AccuRain Watering System can save you

time & money...


Watering zones around the house covered by a few AccuRain Watering Heads


...because it costs less to install


Each Watering Head can water anywhere in a 50-foot (16 m) diameter circle, so the amount of digging and the number of Watering Heads is reduced dramatically. Often a single Watering Head will water your whole garden. Because the water is delivered evenly, you don't need to allow for overlap like you do with conventional inground or underground lawn sprinkler systems. The Watering Head automatically adjusts to the available water pressure, so you don't have to figure out your GPM or PSI. No need for separate circuits because one Watering Head does the work of many sprinklers.  Install it on the corner of your house and you don't need to dig.

...because it requires less maintenance

AccuRain's hand-held controller

The AccuRain Watering System is easy to change as your garden grows. By plugging the controller into the watering head, you can add, change, or delete up to 15 different watering zones. When the controller is plugged into the junction box inside your house, it becomes a "sprinkler timer" and you can now increase or decrease the frequency of watering for all zones as the weather changes. You can enable or disable individual zones and change their amount and frequency of water. The irrigation system monitors itself and reports any problems, further lowering maintenance costs

...because it keeps your plants healthier
The AccuRain Watering System gives superior results because each plant can have the amount and frequency of water it needs. Conventional underground sprinklers spray the same amount of water on your cactus and your lawn. Most gardening problems arise from incorrect watering.

...because it saves water

Over time, water is the single largest expense of your irrigation system, exceeding the cost of even the most expensive installed sprinkler system. And these conventional automatic sprinkler systems can waste water - lots of it. The AccuRain System saves water because it waters evenly and precisely.
Why is AccuRain better than other ways of watering?

Dragging hoses

The AccuRain Watering System was designed by a gardener who was frustrated with existing ways of watering. Drip irrigation systems are easily damaged and subject to clogging. Installed sprinklers are expensive to install and use; they water unevenly, waste water, and are hard to reconfigure. Hoses and sprinklers are easy to reconfigure as your garden changes, but are hard to automate.


AccuRain FAQ

Design Questions

Where do I put the Watering Heads?

You don't need any overlap like you find in other sprinkler systems unless the stream would be blocked by some object.  Generally they work best at the outside corners of a house, perhaps mounted under the eaves (not too high because it still squirts up).  The higher up you position the head, the further the range but the lower the accuracy.  Another good location is in the center of a fence line.  You can hook it up to wherever you have a water supply, including a faucet.  Some people test a location by using a garden hose (adapters are available) connected to the watering head. 



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