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AccuRain solves the problems of other systems!

Traditional garden irrigation systems exhibit a host of problems. Customers have a long list of complaints. These complaints have gone largely unanswered by the manufacturers of these systems. The following is a list of problems that the AccuRain Watering System was developed to solve.

High application rate systems, such as lawn sprinklers:

bullet cause runoff and water waste;
bullet require a large number of circuits to compensate for a limited water supply;
bullet are inflexible and difficult to change;
bullet are inherently uneven in the application of water;
bullet cause additional unevenness in water absorbtion due to runoff;
bullet require expertise to plumb correctly;
bullet are labor intensive to install;
bullet can cause erosion on slopes due to high flow rate;
bullet cause pressure problems for other water uses in the home;
bullet are incompatible with pump/pressure tank systems;
bullet cause soil to become overly saturated;
bullet are subject to clogging by insects;
bullet are subject to damage from foot traffic, mowers etc;
bullet are subject to damage from frozen ground;
bullet require a large number of parts;
bullet require separate circuits for each different watering zone;
bullet require a lot of pipes and digging;
bullet create a fine spray that is easily displaced or evaporated by the wind;
bullet usually require professional installation for best results;
bullet are not at all suited to watering complicated or irregular shapes;
bullet are poorly suited to watering plants taller than mowed grass;
bullet require daily visual inspection to notice problems;
bullet suffer from a large quantity of poor quality components being sold.
Low flow rate systems, such as drip systems:
bullet are inappropriate for lawns and not suitable for all plants;
bullet are a maintainence nightmare because of so many pieces;
bullet deteriorate from sunlight if left above ground;
bullet give no indication of problems without close visual inspection;
bullet can be damaged by wild and domestic animals who have learned to chew it to get water;
bullet can suffer major damage if the filter bursts;
bullet can fail if the solitary pressure regulator fails;
bullet require separate circuits for different watering zones;
bullet also suffer from a large amount of poor quality components sold;
bullet can be easily damaged by foot traffic, mowers, deer, digging etc;
bullet are incompatible with weed eaters etc., forcing the use of chemical or other weed control methods;
bullet are expensive to install because of the large number of components;
bullet can waste water from undetected broken circuits.
How does the AccuRain System solve these problems?
bullet It applies water slowly and evenly.
bullet Each Watering Head can water over 1900 square feet, so fewer pipes and trenches are needed.
bullet Each Watering Head can have up to 15 different watering zones of almost any size or shape.
bullet The Watering Heads are rugged and mounted safely above foot traffic and other hazards.
bullet Watering zones can easily be changed, added, or deleted.
bullet The System monitors itself and reports errors.
bullet It uses at most 1 GPM and compensates internally for varying water pressure.
bullet It's easy to install.
bullet It doesn't waste water on sidewalks or other hardscape areas.
bullet It's built to last.

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