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  Please find below information on AccuRain's cost-effective and water-efficient irrigation system.  Whether a do-it-yourself ( DIY) irrigation project or installed by a landscape or irrigation contractor, AccuRain provides unmatched flexibility, performance, and cost savings compared to traditional underground sprinkler or drip irrigation systems.  

AccuRain User and Installation Guide(s)

AccuRain 2m User Guide


User Guides for previous AccuRain models.

AccuRain II User Guide

Original AccuRain System User Guide- (please not the previous AccuRain model is NOT compatible with the AccuRain II model)


AccuRain Installation

AccuRain Installation Materials Check List

AccuRain Layout.pdf

AccuRain Datasheet.pdf


AccuRain Terms & Conditions

AccuRain Limited Warranty.pdf

AccuRain Return Policy.pdf


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