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 How Simple Can It Be?

Often you can mount a Watering Head close to the water source.

Installing a traditional, underground irrigation system requires different circuits, each with their own electric values, to handle different watering zones and to maintain proper flow and pressure. AccuRain puts it all inside its Watering Robot. There is no need for remote electric valves or pressure regulators which are required for underground  systems such as a typical lawn sprinkler system.

AccuRain Watering Heads don't require the overlap needed by sprinkler heads in order to get even coverage. This also means you don't need to bury pipes all over your yard. Each AccuRain head can reach 25 feet (8 m). Each AccuRain Robot needs a single water pipe at normal water pressure. Without the need for many multiple circuits or sprinkler overlap, the length of buried pipe is reduced to a minimum. Less trenches need to be dug for this irrigation installation, sometimes no digging at all is needed.


What happens when you change your garden?

It's easy to change with a few button pushes.

When you plant a new shrub, you don't need to dig up the rest of your garden. With AccuRain, you just plug the controller into the Watering Head and enter a new zone surrounding for the shrub. No digging up your yard just to place additional sprinkler heads. If a patch of grass is turning brown from extra sun, it is easy to add a zone to give it extra water. When your vegetable garden is done producing, you can turn off or delete the zone.

AccuRain is easy to install, easy to change.


Compare AccuRain with a typical sprinkler system:

Fewer parts, fewer pipes, fewer heads, fewer headaches!


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