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General Questions

I noticed that AccuRain introduced the AccuRain 2m system.  What's the difference?

Here is a list of the changes for the AccuRain 2m system.

1) New lower profile Head design that includes a new valve, filter, and controller connection that does NOT require the head to be disassembled. 

2)  Change from 4-wire to 2-wire system (same as the AccuRain II) to simplify installation and troubleshooting.

3) New wire terminations on the heads and junction box making it much easier to install.

4) New Junction Box. More robust, easier to mount.  Also, you can terminate two cables and a rain sensor directly to the box.

5) New pipe interface.  At the base of the head will be a short (approx. 1.25 in) piece of female threaded schedule 80 adapter.

6) When watering the head will sweep from left to right, then right to left.  It waters in both directions.  This will speed up the watering especially for small zones.


Are the two systems compatible?  Can I use the AccuRain 2m watering heads with my existing AccuRain II sytem?

YES!  The AccuRain 2m watering heads can be used with the AccuRain II system.  In fact, the 2m system utilizes the same controller, junction box, and transformer as the AccuRain II system.

Can I use the AccuRain 2m watering heads with my ORIGINAL AccuRain system (4-WIRE SYSTEM)?

No.  The two systems are NOT compatible.  All components for the AccuRain II and 2m system are unique to that system except for the transformer. 

What other stuff do I need?

It uses the same plumbing supplies and tools as other irrigation systems, just a lot less.  You'll need to use the stronger type pipe for the watering head because it is under constant water pressure.  We recommend Schedule 40 PVC pipe if you bury it and Schedule 80 if you don't; Schedule 80 can handle sunlight.

Does it require wires?

Yes, all Watering Heads are connected together in parallel to the Junction Box with 2 conductor 18 gauge AWG or heavier sprinkler wire rated for direct burial. If you cannot find 2 conductor it is OK to buy 3 or 4 conductor, just don't connect the unused wires (except for a long run, see below). Most large hardware stores will carry the cable.

Can I use it with another irrigation system?

Yes and NO.  There are important differences.  Don't hook up the wires to other sprinklers/controllers!  It uses a different voltage system and you could damage both.  Also, our pipes are under constant pressure because the valve is in the head.  You can tap off the same water source, but don't control the water to an AccuRain Watering Head with an electric valve.. You probably don't want them to run at the same time because that might affect the flow rate of the other systems.  For the AccuRain system, it will adjust to the pressure changes (as long as a minimum is met).

Can I hook up a rain sensor?

Yes. You can hook up many models of automatic rain shut-off sensors. For more information, read page 14 of the AccuRain 2m Installation and Operation Guide.  You can download this guide from the "User Guide" page on this website.

Can I paint it?

Yes, but preferably only light colors.  It is light in color to keep the electronics inside cool from the sun.  Dark colors may cause too much heating.  Use paints designed for plastics.  Be sure to remove the covers to paint them and protect the nozzle from any paint. Don't allow any paint build up in gap area (it would impede turning).

It doesn't seem fast enough to do a lawn.  How fast is it?

Often ordinary sprinklers apply water too fast for a soil's low infiltration rate.  They require stopping and starting or else you waste water with runoff.  The maximum rate is one gallon a minute.  If you have a large lawn, you might want to create different zones (e.g. SUNNY LAWN and SHADY LAWN) and water them on different mornings.  Very large lawns (over 1900 sqft) would require additional Watering Heads, but they could water at the same time.

Will it do potted plants?

Yes, but it is likely to get the nearby area wet too.  On a calm day, it is accurate and consistent enough to water a large pot or a group of pots, but there is likely to be a little spillage. 

What are the limits on size and shape of a zone?

Zones can be almost any shape.  It needs at least 3 and no more than 24 dots (wow, that's a lot!) to define a zone.  Generally it works best to work from the corner closest to the Watering Head and go around clockwise to set the dots.  It does not handle concave shapes where it would need to water two different parts radially.  For instance, looking from the Watering Head, a U-shape would be okay, but a C-shape would not.  These complex shapes can be broken into smaller zones that can be handled.

How can I make it squirt farther?

The maximum range is affected by the height of the head.  Mounting it higher will increase the range.  Also, make sure the water pressure is above 45 PSI.

How close can it water?

It can put water directly underneath the head, but we suggest no closer than 6 inches away.

My power is not 120 VAC/ 60 Hz, what can I do?

Order the Starter Kit with the Large Transformer.  It can handle all common international power sources.  You will need an IEC cord to plug into your local power.

Design Questions

Where do I put the Watering Heads?

You don't need any overlap like you find in other sprinkler systems unless the stream would be blocked by some object.  Generally they work best at the outside corners of a house, perhaps mounted under the eaves (not too high because it still squirts up).  The higher up you position the head, the further the range but the lower the accuracy.  Another good location is in the center of a fence line.  You can hook it up to wherever you have a water supply, including a faucet.  Some people test a location by using a garden hose (adapters are available) connected to the watering head. 

Do I have to measure my PSI or GPM?

Generally No.  Precise measurements are not required.  You should be within 45 to 100 PSI.  Most homes are within these values.  Lower than the minimum will reduce the range.  If you are on the low side, you might want to limit the number of Watering Heads operating at one time.  If you are over the pressure limit, you might get some leaking.

Installation Questions

How does installing differ from other systems?

In general, it is very similar to other systems except for requiring a lot less digging and fewer pipes and heads. There is no need for "circuits".  The installation process has been greatly simplified over traditional methods.  What is unique is the ability to have it next to the house, high up and out of the way. 

How long can the wire be from a Watering Head to the Junction Box?

No special considerations are needed for a system where the farthest sprinkler is less than 500 ft of wire away.  If distances greater than 500 ft are involved, you need to maintain at least 18 volts DC between the red and black wires at the farthest out sprinkler.  You could use a heavier gauge wire or use a higher conductor cable, using the extra wires to cut the voltage drop on the wires.

Usage Questions

Will it do its automatic watering on a zone if I watered it manually that day?

If you watered before your start hour, and it would normally water that day at the start hour, it will water again.

Still have more questions?  Ask us at for more information.


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